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Most coaches and sports men know the value of massage for their general health and for the performance in the events. Sports massage has been found out to increase muscle range. The best sports massage is done exposing the most important muscles to mechanical pressure. It involves fast passed massage stretching. To find professional message therapist check out massage Vancouver reviews 

Improved muscle performance

This mechanical pressure increases muscle compliance and that way it increases in its range of motion. The mechanical pressure also lowers both active and passive stiffness of the muscles. Massage also increases blood flow. It does this by the help of the pressure directed at the muscles increases arterial pressure and temperature easing the flow of blood. If you are able to get the best sports massage, your muscle tendons will be relieved from stiffness brought about by exercise. Flexibility will improve the maneuvers you can make during sports.

Sports massage also improves the performance of the nervous system for the purpose of sports. Depending on the nature of the sports massage you are exposed to, the pressure your muscle is exposed to is supposed to increase or decrease neuron excitability. This can help increase endurance of a sports person by helping with nervous response to pain.The best sports massage is also supposed to reduce the risk of sports injury. It improves flow of blood and permeation of the same in the soft tissues. This improved permeation increases oxygen supply to the injury.

Improved healing

Massage is also expected to improve healing of injuries that were not noticed during the sporting event. It reduces muscle soreness without affecting the health of the muscles that are involved. Massage has also been found out to help in the recovery of noticeable injuries. Professionally done massage by Vancouver Chiropractor should be able to help you get back to activity soon after your injury.Massage has been proven to be an effective way to ensure healing after a single heavy workout or a single strenuous sporting event. Sports massage should be able to help your body in soft tissue recovery

Improved mental state for sports

Massage also changes parasympathetic activity. These changes are normally noticeable in the heart rate and blood pressure. As this massage happens, blood cortisol levels also are lowered while dopamine and serotonin level increases. The changes in hormonal level are known to reduce the level of anxiety. These changes bring a general improvement in performance. This is due to general reduction in the level of anxiety which in most cases reduces focus and concentration resulting in general reduction in performance.

Improved muscle growth

The best sports massage supplies the muscles with oxygen and nutrients they need to grow. Supply of oxygen to muscles will help reduce accumulation of citric and carbonic acid that can reduce muscle wasting.

It is therefore sound to have regular massage to encourage better muscle growth, strength and flexibility.

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