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Warning signs to help avoid a residential roofing disaster

Having a roof that is old and cranky can be a disaster waiting to happen. However, even new roofs or those that are not very old might also cause disasters if they are not very well maintained and looked after. Here are some tell tale signs to look out for that will help home owners to avoid residential roofing disasters like caving in and water damage to the house by MW roofing Vancouver BC

Leaking in the attic – leaking is one of the major ways that a roof causes damage to the house. It is important to look out for a leaking roof in the attic. Signs of a leaking roof can be seen by looking at the ceiling to see if there are any stains or browning. Also, if the leakage has reached the house there will be water damage caused to the items in the house or increased moisture in certain places. Leaking could also cause rotting of the beams and walls holding the house together and therefore it should be taken care of immediately.

Old roofs – if your live in an old house which has never had the roof changed then you are prone to roof problems. As the roof ages wear and tear take hold. The beams holding the roof also have worn out over the years and can easily cave in . If the house is really old and the roof has never been changed, it might be time that a new Metal Roof roof is installed.

Peeling exterior on interior paint – when you notice peeling paint anywhere in the house especially on the parts of the walls near roof then this is a sign that the roof is leaking somewhere and therefore needs to be checked.

Deteriorated shingles – if there are landmark shingles that have undergone extensive deterioration, then it might be time that the roof is changed. Deterioration on the roof can be identified by checking for curling shingles, missing shingles, broken shingles, shingles granules around the house and in the gutters. When you see these signs then it means that the shingles are old and weary and need to be changed before they start giving in to the weather elements they are supposed to offer protection against.

Loose roofing sheets – if you house is roofed using roofing sheets then there should not be any of the sheets being loose. When it happens that there are loose sheets on the roof then this is a disaster waiting to happen when strong winds blow or there is heavy rainfall then water damage of the house will happen.

A residential roofing structure should also be maintained as required so that the contractors can be able to identify the signs for you and tell you when your house is due for a new roof.