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Web design is both an art and science. It, therefore, requires a lot of skills and knowledge.  Designing is a time to consume and challenging process. To be successful in web design, you need both technical and intellectual skills. The whole process is based on coding thus the need for you to learn to code. Here are the major areas you should have knowledge in.

Html dictates the structure of sites. Every web designer should know HTML language like the back of their hands. To be successful, you need to have a thorough understanding of the tongue.It forms the basis for the entire process of web design. It is advisable that you master the basics well. Every profession requires a solid foundation. Html gives the understanding of how the web work and the freedom to do it yourself.

This is the visual aspect of web design. It dictates the appearance of sites. Every web designer should know this language. CSS is useful for web designers and front-end developers.  With CSS you can design sites to appear exactly how you want them to. It will help you create a more functional site for the end user. It enables you to know how to change items such as color and fonts.

This the interactive element of Ancell website development It is important for you to learn about JavaScript and how it interacts with HTML and CSS. This will help you to know how to create the three layers of a website. Javascript plays a great role in website and web based applications.

Web designers should have a good sense of Google design. It takes more to develop a site than simply knowing how it is created. You should have knowledge of elements of design, typography, use of color, layout principles, etc.  You should also possess a creative mind to think out of the ordinary.

The internet is accessed by millions of people through different devices and browsers.  The devices have different screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive web design enables you to create a website that is supported by a wide range of devices and browsers. You should also have mobile support. This way your site reaches more people. Adopt a mobile first approach.

This is the preparation aspect of site maintenance The core competencies required for you as web designer include written, audio and visual editing. You should be able to edit photos, video and audio files. This gives the freedom to do it yourself instead of hiring an editor. It makes you flexible and gives you more ideas for your design. It also does not require you to go to school. You can learn it on your own through software such as Photoshop.