Realtors Turn To New BIA Requirements As City Landscapes Change

An association should have a management that helps to run it efficiently. It acts as a central point of reference for the members and facilitates easy communications and problem-solving for individual businesses and amongst the members. During the formation and running of the Business Improvement Associations, there is great need of clear structures for their management. This is particularly important in the case where finances are involved. Management should have the ability to keep the association together and in unity. It should have clear structures on how the association is to be governed. This should be made known to every individual member. The following are the ways of choosing the leadership of the association.

Elections may be held during their meetings. This may form an agenda, especially during Annual General Meetings. Meetings are regularly held, and the members may decide to hold elections to choose the individuals who are to represent them within a particular period. The elections may be done as secret ballots or in the form counting and acclamations. According to the constitution that governs an association, the elected members are bound to stay in office until the required time elapses. The members, then vote in new members or they can re-elect the already existing members if they are satisfied with their

The leaders of an association can also be chosen as a result of appointments by the high authority. These high authorities may be the ministries of Trade under which the businesses are classified. The high office is mandated to ensure that the Business Improvement Association is running as per the required standards and is helping the businesses to improve and grow from one level to another.

Another way in which leadership may be achieved is through representation from various This is mostly stated within the constitution. It may be a law that within an association, the leadership is made up of individuals from the various sectors in the association. This is made up of members from the various types of businesses. This leads to a full representation of all the business types and gives the management a picture of being all inclusive. With such an image, the members develop full confidence with the Directorate.

An individual may find themselves in the management of the Business Improvement Association as a result of the amount of their financial contribution. The more an individual?s contribution, the more likely they are respected and trusted with managerial duties. When a member always contributes to the association and has a high number of shares, they are likely to join the league of decision makers. Thus the saying that says ?money is power? is true and applicable in this case.

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