Smart Realtors Understand The Increasing Values Of Sunrooms On New House Sales

Sunrooms are becoming very popular nowadays, and homeowners are creating them hence, there are many ideas that are coming up. However, you should not mistake them for the four season space; sunrooms are usually designed using the sun to provide warmth thus do not have air conditioning as a rule. Just like any home extension you may plan, you can create a simple or opt for a stylish one depending on how much cash you want to spend. Therefore, you should be open to new ideas when choosing the type of sunroom you want.

These types of rooms can be custom-made, or you can buy them assembled. In any case, you must make sure the style and color you select will blend with the overall design of your house. Alternatives you can include the traditional type, which looks like a shade roof and they are not expensive to buy or build. There is the cathedral type, which comes with gable-kind roofing. The modern one with a split roof and the dramatic roofing line, plus the curved panel roofs.

Because of nature of which the sunroom is built (glass everywhere), make sure the windows you choose have great R-value; the safety is excellent, the seal is draft-proof and approved by the CWX sunroom installation The best you can use are the triple pane (low e-glass) because they have the best energy saving ratings. You can also choose the single or double pane, but the energy efficiency levels will vary. The other type of window design that is appropriate is the sole (single) glass. It is painted green and made to specifically reduce the heat coming in space. This type reflects UV rays hence protecting your skin from damage and furniture plus the floor as well. However, it is costly compared to other panel designs.

Sunroom window care is almost similar to the others you have in your house. The popular options preferred are the plantation shutters as blinds. Additionally, wooden slats are famous and can be obtained as real or fake timber, which is great and less costly. Also, aluminum slats are not expensive as such, and you put the no holes to improve on lighting control.

The ideas you can choose for the base are numerous. There are the expensive designs and the much affordable types that are beautiful like the vinyl products. You can blend it and create a functional appearance. Timber is standard in the sunrooms as well just like stones and bricks. Also, the interlocking decks (tiles) are available in different colors and shades. Once placed on any surface, it looks wonderful and stylish.

The ideas to think off are numerous when creating your Vancouver sunroom. This type of spaces are right for family, parties or even a quite place where you go to relax and reflect on things and plan your future.

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